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Mission/ Vision/ Strategies

AMTRAN Mission 

To improve the economic well-being and the quality of life of our customers, our community, and our AMTRAN Team through the provision of excellent transportation services.


To be an integral and irreplaceable component of the region’s transportation infrastructure, and an innovative leader in public transportation excellence in Pennsylvania and throughout the USA.

AMTRAN Strategies

1.      To ensure good stewardship of public funds, and to assure continuous funding through current partners as well as from new sources;

2.      To provide services that are increasingly reliable, safe and secure, convenient, clean and comfortable, understandable, affordable, and are delivered by empathetic employees;

3.      To achieve high employee morale and job satisfaction in terms of compensation, working conditions, training, empowerment, relationships, safety and security, policies and procedures, and labor/management cooperation;

4.      To maintain and update our equipment, facilities, and technology to provide customer benefits and service efficiencies;

5.      To be an important partner in regional economic development.