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Advertising on AMTRAN

AMTRAN – A Smart Choice For Advertisers

An Amtran bus with Life Comes at your fast bus wrapTransit advertising is a great way to get your message out to the customers you want to reach. Unlike traditional media, transit advertising does not depend on signal strength, media purchases, zoning or audience preference to develop its circulation.

Studies have shown that this form of advertising generates consistently high levels of reach and frequency at a cost far below that of other media.

Transit advertising allows you to penetrate residential neighborhoods and suburban shopping centers – two areas that An Amtran bus with Life Comes At you fast bus wrapare difficult to reach with other out-of-home advertising formats.

All that is required of the Transit advertising audience is to be out of the house, and we all do that.

For more information on how to advertise on an AMTRAN bus, please call our offices at 814-944-4074 or email us at .